Dr Andrew Ferrar: ‘Annie’s outgoing confident personality and her energy have combined to make her an effective spokesperson on social issues, especially where she has identified unfairness. She is outcome orientated and achieves results by appropriate use of a network of contacts making her a good team player’ 

Shelford Chandler MD Giant Steps:’Annie is one of those people who can quickly grasp the complexities of an unfamiliar business to add value and a fresh perspective. From research and content creation to customer engagement, she’s supportive and enthusiastic about whatever she’s working on, a positive force to be reckoned with!

Sarah Askew -Visual Merchandising Courses: ‘I have many years lecturing and teaching experience in both private and corporate sectors and always looking for advice and tips to use on courses. I consulted Annie on ways to tackle difficult questions and the support and help provided by Annie was extremely useful both in improving my training and taking my business forward.’

Simon Snelling, CEO, Search Sciences LLP  ‘Annie has been working with us for over two years. She is a confident, personable and reliable proof reader and freelance writer. We would unhesitatingly recommend her.’

Lorna Chiverton-Hunt MSc  Youth Coach and Psychology Tutor  “Annie has been invaluable to me as a study buddy which  helped me through some challenging times as I completed my MSc via the University of East London Distance Learning programme. Being able to talk through ideas is great and Annie has provided clarity on many occasions! In addition to this I have been able to use Annie’s amazing proof reading services which has meant that any spelling, grammatical or waffling areas have been tidied up so that my assignments are suitable for submission”.

Tony Swendell Independent Councillor: ‘I am an ex Hertfordshire Police Chief Superintendent and elected Independent Councillor, I have known Annie for over fifteen years and worked on projects for respite centres for disabled children, Safeguarding, Women Against Medical Injustices, Care Group, safe travel for children and many others. I have been able to confide in her on issues of confidentiality with confidence.’