We all have key charities we like to support with fundraising and awareness one of my top charities is of course The Stroke Association.  Their support and library of information is invaluable and I highly recommend them to anybody who has had a stroke or caring for a family member that has.

On their website www.stroke.org.uk. They list  warning signs to look out for and as shown in their TV campaign:-

Facial weakness,  arm or leg weakness,  speech problems and a loss to half of the visual field

They also advise a stroke is an emergency and seeing signs of a stroke one should act FAST and call 999. The Stroke Association were responsible for having standards set and new procedures set in place so that Stroke victims receive the right treatment immediately on arrival at hospital. Indeed more patients are sent to hospital rather than just left to recover at home.

Statistics show that time is of the essence in relation to how much of a person you can save.